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New York, New York ( Soggiorno linguistico dal 1 al 10 settembre 2023)

Here are a few comments by some students who took part in this experience in September.


The experience in New York was very beautiful and constructive.

 It opened my eyes to a city very different from mine, where different ethnic groups, cultures and ways of living collide.

The experience allowed me to improve my English language, but above all my confidence in speaking English.

 I highly recommend this experience not only for linguistic and tourist reasons, but above all for a question of personal growth, for greater awareness and also to understand how lucky we are in our own small way.


Starting from the family and group I think that both were available in everything and very nice. For the lessons, I found myself better with the lessons outside like at Bryant park or Dumbo because I think they were more stimulating.


We were 9 strangers who found themselves catching a plane together to fly to a dream that came true. At the end of the trip the magic of NYC made us a group of friends that shared a lot of emotions and unforgettable moments. 

We also had the chance to improve our speaking skills by staying with our families in the evening. My roommates and I loved talking to our host mum for hours and hours because we compared the Italian culture with the American and we laughed a lot. If I had to find a fault I would definitely say that time has passed too quickly.